Work as a trademan or tradewoman.

In Germany there are about 130 trades you can work in. As a tradesman or tradeswoman you will ensure that many things in everyday life work properly – from cars to false teeth.


Why work in a trade?

Because the trades are looking for skilled tradesmen and tradeswomen in many industries. What you need: vocational training in a trade or technical profession, knowledge of German, manual skills, the ability to understand things quickly and well and the readiness to work as part of a team. Find out about crafts and trades in Germany.


You have a foreign qualification...

... and would like to work in Germany? Your qualification may correspond in part or in full to a German vocational qualification: You can ask for your qualification to be checked in Germany – this is your legal right. Your training certifi cates, your work experience and other documents will be checked to see if they are equivalent to a German vocational qualification. The chamber of trades and crafts in Halle will be happy to give you advice about how to arrange to have your qualifications checked.


How to contact us: 

Please contact: Verena Lukas
Telephone: 0345 7798-755


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Ansprechpartner/ Contact person

Verena Lukas
Projektbetreuerin, Teilnehmerbegleitung, Flüchtlingsprojekte
0345 7798-755
Bildungs- und Technologiezentrum (BTZ ) der HWK Halle Standort Halle
Straße der Handwerker 2,
06132 Halle (Saale)

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